E-Static Shadows

Posted in exhibition, technology by electricdream on February 28, 2009

E-Static Shadows installation at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London from the 6th of March till 11th of March 2009.

E-Static Shadows is a cross-disciplinary research project of art, design, craft, science and technology by designer and researcher Dr. Zane Berzina, architect Jackson Tan and our international research team.

The E-Static Shadows project explores the speculative arena of electrostatic and its possible readings in relation to human interactions within physical space. It creatively explores the poetic potential of static electricity found in our everyday environments, surrounding our everyday interactions and translates this rarely noticed but omnipresent phenomena into human sensory modalities by creating a soft interactive e-static “mirror” which is a design-led synthesis of textile engineering, material science and micro-electronics.


New Resource page

Posted in diva ecu by electricdream on February 24, 2009

I am starting to put together a new resource page – let me know if there are any links that you’d like me to include!

Sabine Seymour – live from Linz

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We are incredibly fortunate to have Sabine Seymour doing a live chat from Linz tomorrow. Sabine is an internationally recognised curator of wearables, the author of the well received book Fashionable Technology,

a designer working with wearables and adjunct professor.

I have asked her to talk a bit about her vision for the field of wearables, as well as the curatorial & professional aspects of her practice.
Sabine’s research interests in Fashionable Technology include:
emotion & cultural identity
function & aesthetics
These are two links currently capturing her interest: