Walter Van Beirendonck – Official Website

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Walter Van Beirendonck – Official Website.

all content in flash, so hard to link, but check out the archive of collections ….

one of my favorite men’s designers



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This amazingly quirky duo never fail to amaze and delight, while disturbing too!

This image from Grow on you
Lucyandbart is a collaboration between artists Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. In it they imagine human bodies and faces physically altered with a shocking but artistic realism. Globules of foam, asymmetric spines fascinating and repugnant simultaneously, the pictures become even more disturbing because they don’t hint at the emotional state of the subject. Each transformed human looks blankly back at you, neither horrified or surprised or excited about their change of form, but merely present and allowing it to be shown to you. It’s that sort of lucid acceptance, clearly not hiding the kind of imperfections and oddities that society mostly trains us to be ashamed of, that make staring at these ‘mutants’ even more unnerving.


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The inimitable Chalayan has a retrospective in London’s funny design museum – i wish i could be there in person

Mary Mattingly

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I had come across the work of Mary Mattingly a while ago, and loved it. Although she doesn’t create these garments/structures as “wearables” exactly, her haunting imagery and detailed descriptions are very inspiring!

““The fabric used is an outerlayer combination of Kaiok, a phase change material like Outlast® Adaptive Comfort®, waterproof Cordura, Solarweave UV protectant fabric, and the inner muslin layer. The fabric has the ability to keep the body at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather. The encapsulated warmers (like those found in electric blankets) are also woven into the innermost layer of the home, and through sensors, are adjusted to your bodies temperature and keep the home warm or cool on the inside to counteract the outside. The electronic silver threads in the fabric connecting to the sensors will give the wearers the ability to monitor themselves, their health and introspectively study themselves, as well as monitor the outdoor conditions, and transmit information to another, currently through a ZigBee connection or secure nodal random key coding and patterning frequency that can be set up to directly interface with another person’s home and information. This infrastructure will be able to receive signals from satellite and aid in GPS, mapping VA goggles, cel-sat and Internet.”
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Gary Cass and Donna Franklin live from Perth au

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Gary Cass

Donna Franklin at SimbioticA

Emily Carr Speaker Series: Di Mainstone

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Tonight: Thursday, November 20 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

(thanks talktomyshirt.com)

Di Mainstone is trained in fashion design at Central St Martins in London.
Her interactive couture garments playfully explore human behavior by weaving soft-technologies into a fashion aesthetic. In 2005, Di joined Sara Diamond at the Banff New Media Institute to create a series of electronic couture garments. She quickly found her new passion for electronic textiles and teamed up with Joey Berzowska and Marcelo Coelho

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Fashionable Technology – Sabine Seymour

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It’s wonderful to be included in this new book by Sabine Seymour!  The book is a great resource for finding out more about current practice in the wearables field, although I felt that the theoretical framework could have been expanded on.


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