Stretchable Silicon Could Make Sports Apparel Smarter – Technology Review

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Stretchable Silicon Could Make Sports Apparel Smarter

via Stretchable Silicon Could Make Sports Apparel Smarter – Technology Review.


S T E L A R C – bodies are both Zombies and Cyborgs

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We have never had a mind of our own and we often perform involuntarily … Ever since we evolved as hominids and developed bipedal locomotion, two limbs became manipulators and we constructed artifacts, instruments and machines …..

S T E L A R C.

Excellent description of making an ambient display

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Project 008 – keywoniki

A Camera from a Sheet of Fiber

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Technology Review: A Camera from a Sheet of Fiber.

Researchers at MIT have integrated a collection of light sensors into polymer fibers, creating a new type of camera.

E-Static Shadows

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E-Static Shadows installation at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London from the 6th of March till 11th of March 2009.

E-Static Shadows is a cross-disciplinary research project of art, design, craft, science and technology by designer and researcher Dr. Zane Berzina, architect Jackson Tan and our international research team.

The E-Static Shadows project explores the speculative arena of electrostatic and its possible readings in relation to human interactions within physical space. It creatively explores the poetic potential of static electricity found in our everyday environments, surrounding our everyday interactions and translates this rarely noticed but omnipresent phenomena into human sensory modalities by creating a soft interactive e-static “mirror” which is a design-led synthesis of textile engineering, material science and micro-electronics.

Gary Cass and Donna Franklin live from Perth au

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Gary Cass

Donna Franklin at SimbioticA

Wifi detecting t-shirt

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ISWC ’09 call

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ISWC’09, the thirteenth annual IEEE International Symposium on
Wearable Computers, is the premier forum for wearable computing
and issues related to on-body and worn mobile technologies.
ISWC’09 will bring together researchers, product vendors,
fashion designers, textile manufacturers, users, and related
professionals to share information and advances in wearable
computing. ISWC’09 explicitly aims to broaden its scope to
include cell phones and cell phone applications as they have
become the most successful wearable computer to date.

ISWC’09 invites to submit original work in one or more of the
following formats: full papers, notes, posters, late breaking
results, demonstrations, videos, tutorials and workshops. As
already successfully performed in the past, this year’s ISWC
also invites for a contest of wearable system designs,
encouraging academic and industrial design, media and art
authorities to submit conceptual work in a creative, inspiring,
innovative and future oriented style.

For first time, ISWC’09 will publish adjunct proceedings which
will include the late breaking results, video papers,
demonstrations, design papers of selected workshops.

*Wearable Systems*
– Wearable system design, wearable displays and electronic
– Wearable sensors, actuators, input/output devices and power
management systems
– Interaction design, industrial design of wearable systems
– Wearable sensor networks for sensing context-awareness,
activity or cognitive state
– Software and service architectures, infrastructure based as
well as ad-hoc systems
– Operating systems issues related to wearable computing,
including issues such as dependability, fault-tolerance,
security, trustworthiness and power management
– Networks, including wireless networks, on-body networks, and
support for interaction with other wearables, pervasive and
ubiquitous computing systems or the Internet
– Cooperative wearables, ensembles of wearable artefacts,
coordination or wearables
– Techniques for power management and heat dissipation, and
manufacturing issues

*Usability, HCI and Human Factors in Wearable Computing*
– Human factors issues with and ergonomics of body worn
computing systems
– User modeling, user evaluation, usability engineering of
wearable systems
– Systems and designs for combining wearable and
pervasive/ubiquitous computing
– Interfaces, including hands-free approaches, speech-based
interaction, sensory augmentation, haptics, and human-
centered robotics
– Social implications, health risk, environmental and privacy
– Wearable technology for social-network computing,
visualization and augmentation
– Experience design

*Applications of Wearable Systems*
– Wearable systems in consumer, industrial, work,
manufacturing, environmental, educational, medical, sports,
wellness, health care and ambient assisted living domains
– Wearable systems in culture, fashion and the arts
– Smart clothing, for people with disabilities, and for elderly
– Use of wearable computers as components of larger systems,
such as augmented reality systems, training systems and
systems designed to support collaborative work
– Formal evaluation of performance of wearable computer
technologies, and comparisons with existing technologies

*Mobile Phones as Wearables*
– Mobile applications designed for / delivered through cell
– Cell phone services, cell phone designs, cell phones as
personal computers
– Cell phone technologies, e.g. combining short and long range
radios, multimedia streaming
– Extending cell phone hardware e.g. sensing, novel IO
modalities, embeddings
– Cell phone interaction, cooperative cell phones, grids and
clouds of cell phones
– Studies based on cell phone deployments (especially large

ISWC’09 will be held from September 4-7, 2009 in Linz (Austria)
Tutorial/Workshops September 4, Doctoral Colloquium September 4
Main Conference September 5-7, 2009

Emily Carr Speaker Series: Di Mainstone

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Tonight: Thursday, November 20 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

(thanks talktomyshirt.com)

Di Mainstone is trained in fashion design at Central St Martins in London.
Her interactive couture garments playfully explore human behavior by weaving soft-technologies into a fashion aesthetic. In 2005, Di joined Sara Diamond at the Banff New Media Institute to create a series of electronic couture garments. She quickly found her new passion for electronic textiles and teamed up with Joey Berzowska and Marcelo Coelho

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Textile 2006 – Jean Shin

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In this interactive sculpture, thousands of recycled keyboard keys are embedded into a continuous textile. The keys spell out a line-by-line transcript of the email correspondence between the artist and fabricators regarding the creation of the artwork. As a result, the sculpture documents its own making. Viewers can also type their own messages on the active keys amid the first three rows of emails. These new messages are then projected onto the opposite end of the fabric, thereby continuing the virtual dialogue. The project speaks to the pervasiveness of email in our lives while commenting on the fact that, despite the modern technology of virtual communication, our written language is linked to the tactile sensation of moving our fingers over an outmoded typewriter system.