Excellent description of making an ambient display

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Project 008 – keywoniki


Technology Review: Decoding the Brain with Light

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Technology Review: Decoding the Brain with Light.

A Camera from a Sheet of Fiber

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Technology Review: A Camera from a Sheet of Fiber.

Researchers at MIT have integrated a collection of light sensors into polymer fibers, creating a new type of camera.

rfids conference

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stretchable displays

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An interesting article on MIT’s technology review: “Researchers at the University of Tokyo have moved a step closer to displays and simple computers that you can wear on your sleeve or wrap around your couch. And they have opened up the possibility of printing such devices, which would make them cheap.”
Read the full article here.

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This could be you

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Two of Sabine’s former students, Mika and Hannah, that I met in Newcastle for Our Cyborg Futures, are doing the following at V2 Labs in Holland:

Workshop: DIY Wearable Technology, by KOBAKANT

Call for participation
May 16-17, 2009.
Deadline for applications is May 3.
Location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

During the weekend of May 16 and 17, Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (aka KOBAKANT) will give a workshop on DIY wearable technology. The outcome of the workshop will be demonstrated during Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology on May 20 (20-23h).
Piano hack by KOBAKANT

KOBAKANT explores the realm of wearable technology as a medium for commenting on technological and social aspects. For them, technology is to be hacked and modified by everyone to fit the needs and desires of the user.

V2_Lab will organize a wearable technology workshop with an emphasis on DIY techniques and performing arts. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants with hands-on experience on DIY wearable technology. The outcome of the workshop will be workingprototypes, which will be demonstrated by means of a short performance during Test_Lab.The participants will partake inhands-on sessions that involve both conceptual as well astechnical development. Developers from both V2_Lab and KOBAKANT are available for assistance throughout the workshop.
The workshop is open to students and professionals in the fields of art, design, and engineering. Although anyone with an interest in wearable technology and basic knowledge of electronics or of sewing is welcome to join, we especially encourage people with an expertise in fashion design, technology in performance arts, and/or wearable technology engineering to sign up.

Participants are invited to demonstrate the workshop outcome during Test_Lab: Fashionable Technology on May 20, in which various renowned artists will also demonstrate their wearable technology projects and where the technologies’ social consequences will be discussed by professionals in the field.

The number of participants to the workshop is limited. The fee for participation is €50,- (to be paid before the workshop). This includes coffee, lunch and materials but no accommodation. Please use the attached application form. Deadline for applications is May 3.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Piem Wirtz
M: piem@v2.nl
T: +31 (0)10 2067273


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The inimitable Chalayan has a retrospective in London’s funny design museum – i wish i could be there in person


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In case of inspiration caused by our upcoming yarnbombing presentation …
knitPro is a free web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns. Simply upload jpeg, gif or png images and knitPro will generate a graph sizable for any fiber project. knitPro digitally mimics the tradition of pre-industrial craft circles who freely shared patterns and passed them down from generation to generation. By Cat Mazza

E-Static Shadows

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E-Static Shadows installation at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London from the 6th of March till 11th of March 2009.

E-Static Shadows is a cross-disciplinary research project of art, design, craft, science and technology by designer and researcher Dr. Zane Berzina, architect Jackson Tan and our international research team.

The E-Static Shadows project explores the speculative arena of electrostatic and its possible readings in relation to human interactions within physical space. It creatively explores the poetic potential of static electricity found in our everyday environments, surrounding our everyday interactions and translates this rarely noticed but omnipresent phenomena into human sensory modalities by creating a soft interactive e-static “mirror” which is a design-led synthesis of textile engineering, material science and micro-electronics.

New Resource page

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I am starting to put together a new resource page – let me know if there are any links that you’d like me to include!